Art project against rape by Godelieve Smulders is a global nonverbal protest action against rape.

Help creating an universal symbol against rape worldwide.
Create your own 3d protest sculpture against rape and show it to your environment, friends, on the media, making it into a woldwide symbol.
How does the “No Rape” protest sculpture look like?
We are making use of a universal “stop sign”: a hand with spread fingers.
In the hand is a round empty space as a symbol of destruction.
The beam through the middle transforms the empty space into an international “no entry” sign.
How do you create a NoRape protest-object?     

  • Download the PDF of the orange hands and print them.
  • Cut the hands out of paper, cardboard, wood, plexiglass etc.
    There is a slit on top of one hand and other one on the bottom
    of the other hand, cut them out as well. You have 2 hands now !
  • Construct them together; sliding the hands crossingly over each other.
    Now you have an object that can stand by itself, a sculpture
  • Put your sculpture in front of your window, in your office workspace. 
  • Make it as big as you like and put it on a square.
  • Or make a 3d print of it and wear it as your earring or charm.
  • It is your nonverbal protest symbol, your own support to a worldwide protest.
  • If you like, do make a selfie with your NoRape protest object in
    your environment
  • Mail the photo to
  • We will add it to the NoRape campaign!

Thank you so much
For information, please contact us
phone: 0031640709832
Godelieve and team Press release